Poetry: "all that matters"

(a poem about the future)

our love is like a flower
 for awhile
there is only dirt
 until one day a shower
and only after so much water
 does a sprout emerge
at first, the days are hard
 and the sprout may falter
frost may chill and nearly topple
 the young plant to the verge
of disaster

yes our love is like a flower
 deep within
this fragile exterior
 lives the power
to over-come when things are dire
 then one day it is summer
we wake up one morning
 and our love has a blossom
for a time
 it is the most beautiful thing possible
until pollination comes ---
 seeds scattered ---
next year new flowers will be born
 and that is all that matters

...m.e.s. .april.24.2014...

Poetry: "rewrite the future"

(a poem about the past)

all of the secret spaces of my childhood
have all been found
===paved over===========================
we couldn't find the creek
with the tiny waterfall
where we used to get high
and drink beer
they had built an asphalt path
right up to it
and a bench
where you could sit down

wouldn't it be nice
if they could instead build paths
to those memories
where i could walk right up to them
and sit down
but instead
things change
and i cannot relive the past
nor can i rewrite the future

...m.e.s. .april.20.2014...