Festive 500 - Rapha's Road to Redemption

   I'm already anxious for Rapha's Festive 500 - a challange for riders to log 500km (that's about 311 miles for the Americans like me) from Dec 23 through the 31st.

   For those doing the math, that's about 35 miles a day, for nine days. Accounting for work and Christmas, I have no idea how I'll be able to muster this (hell, even without accounting for work and the holidays that's a lot of riding!), but I'm sure gonna try.

   The way I've worked it out thus far is so:

23rd: ride to Metropolis Coffee and back (about a perfect 35 miles)

24th: I'll be in the Chicago suburbs then, so I plan on riding the trails to get my 35 miles in

25th: same as above, although it's Christmas - frankly, I don't know if this day will happen

26th-28th: riding there and back from work is about 10 mi, so I'll have to extend my morning ride quite a bit

29th: I'm picking my girlfriend and her family up from the airport. Going to try and ride the lake in the morn.

30th: another work day - same as the 26th to the 28th

31st: ride the lake front until I fall over!  this is my last shot!


   So, as you can see, my plan only brings me right up to the goal and leaves no room for a missed day or anything unexpected. Also, if the weather doesn't cooperate and it gets real cold, this is going to test my resolve even more. I really need to pick up a pair of winter riding gloves before the challange starts. I'm trying to stay confident, but, truth-be-told, I will be super happy and proud of myself even if I only hit 200 miles. Happy riding everyone!