X-Mix Vol 5: Just Like Christmas!

   It's that time again Santa's Little Helpers! Chrsitmas is upon us and soon most of us will be spending time with out repective families and doing the holiday thing. Part of that thing is Christmas music, and, if you're any thing like me, reason enough to put the kaibash on the whole thing altogether.

   That, luckily, is where I come in. For the last five years running, I've been making Christmas Mix tapes for my friends and family. This way, when you want to get into the Christmas spirit you won't have to do it with Michael Buble. The songs I choose are almost always not a traditional Christmas charol, and only if it has been recontextualized or some how added upon will I even consider its inclusion. Be rest assured, the music herein is enjoyable to listen to.

   All that being said, I'm really excited for this years mix. There are a ton of really monster tracks in here, including four songs I recorded directly from their vinyl wax for your listening pleasures. One of those songs "Silver and Gold" by Califone is a track I've been wanting to share with you since I begun assembling these mixes and have only now been tech savy enough to accomplish. Here's the tracklisting:

   X-Mix Vol 5: Just Like Christmas

      1. "Christmas Wrapping" - The Waitresses
      2. "Getting Ready For Christmas Day" - Paul Simon
      3. "Hooray For Santa Claus" - Al Hirt
      4. "Christmas Swing" - Django Reinhart
      5. "Pretty Paper" - Glen Campbell
      6. "O, Tannenbaum" - Wooden Shjips
      7. "Silver and Gold" - Califone
      8. "Shout For Joy" - Odetta
      9. "Just Like Christmas" - Low
    10. "Oh Santa, Where Art Thou?" - Elmo & Patsy
    11. "Silver Bells" - Deanna Carter
    12. "The First Noel" - Pedro the Lion

   So, here's to Christmas, the holidays, the new-year. Here's to music, art, and holiday baking. You can download all twelve songs on this page here. My gift to you.