Festive 500 - Day One

This goose that got in the way.

Day 1: 33 to 29 on a blustery day with the blowing Chicago winds that make it feel like you are always pedaling into the win, Day 1 of Rapha's Festive 500 Challange (a competition to ride 500km over the holidays) was a succesful day!

   Riding 68 km (or 42.3 mi for those who are interested) I accomplished more than I had set out for. I made one trip up to Metropolis Coffe in Rodgers Park of nearly 14 miles up along the Lakefront Path in Chicago. This is an extened series of cycling paths and walking paths that run the majority of Chicago's contact with Lake Michigan. It went handsomly, except, of course, for the aggresive Canadian goose apparently thinking himself chicken. Honk indeed.

Willis Tower and Chicago traffic you can't bother me!

   After chowing on a croissant and cappaccino it was back on the bicycle. I rode west to Damen and took it south, separating at Milwaukee Ave and taking it all the way back east to the bike path to get in some more miles. I ended at home short of my goal of 35 mi by 3 mi, but wound up going back out again to meet up with old buddies of mine Stan and Matt. Heading to their house and back brought me up to my current total of 68km. My legs are a bit sore, but nothing out of the ordinary. Now, I'm looking forward to bed and a nice Christmas Eve ride tomorrow!

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