Festive 500 - Day 2: Just Like Christmas

   The sun was shining on Christmas Eve day for a few wonderful bike rides in my pursuit of the Festive 500. Unfortunately, those rides only amounted to 19.9 miles, 15 short of what I needed to accomplish. Having to still pack and leave for my parents place to celebrate Christmas, the two hours were all I could really commit to riding. I was able to get some last minute Christmas shopping in their too, so it wasn't as if my riding was without reason.

   I brought my bicycle to the folks house, hopefully to ride on Christmas, but a night of good food and holiday drinks bodes badly for actually getting a ride in - I need to leave Christmas night for Chicago to be home for work on Monday and you better damn well believe I'm going to be watching the first Bulls game of the season.

   The ride today was nice, the sun was shining, but the wind was blowing. Still, my legs felt good and strong. That's what I really appreciate about this competition: it's main effect is that we're continuing to ride through winter, although this winter hasn't been much of one thus far. I'm riding and feeling good, enjoying that crisp air and the feeling of two wheels under my feet, pushing.

   I took some pictures much to that effect, and you can see the best one above. I'm coming through the final stretch of my ride, maybe 100 yards away from my street. You'll notice the matching Rapha Bomber jacket and Winter cap, too bad the cap has seen better days! Also notice my Great Lakes C.O.R.E. patch - a badass piece of memorabilia from the Great Lakes effigy crew for 2011's Burning Man Regional Effigies. I love that patch, looks lovely on the jacket, don't you think?