Dispatches From the Soundcloud: Dragged Into Sunlight's Widowmaker

   A Movement In Three Parts

   Prosthetic Records released Dragged Into Sunlight's new record Widowmaker last month and since then has been quickly spreading throughout the blogosphere. Unfortunately, there Soundcloud has no music up to the public, but a few sites seem to have been granted access to it, and sites from all over are linking to them. As much as I dislike it when I can't share the content on my own site, and thus increase to the neverending chain of links that propels us aimlessly foward on the internet, I feel that out of respect to the band and their music that it should be shared anyway.

   Dragged Into Sunlight have been Black  Metal's version of Godspeed You! Black Emperor since 2009. Widowmaker is almost classical in its most beautiful moments and unfiltered Doom Metal though Parts II and II. The album is marred from time-to-time with ill chosen movie quotes or science fiction samples, but the whole is so much greater than the parts, these drawbacks can only hinder one's enjoyment so much. So take a listen over at terrorizer, Dragged Into Sunlight seem like they could be on the verge of some really cool things, and have made a great album in Widowmaker. If you really dig it, head on over to Prothsetic and pick yourself up a copy too.