Music: jj - "Beautiful Life"

jj | "beautiful life 7" | secretly canadian & sincerely yours | 2012   You've got to love when you find great new music in your inbox. Such was the case when I got a nice little e-mail from the Sweedish label Sincerely Yours.

   Probably my favorite group from one of my favorite labels, jj is out with a new release. Continuing the obvious trend, their fourth release will be titled jj nº4 and be available for purchase as a 7" on May 8th from Sincerely Yours or, if you prefer the bigger boys, Secretly Canadian for the reasonable price of 6 €. "Beautiful Life" will be the single and it will be backed with "Burn."

   Do yourself a favor and check out the lovely sound of the artic tropics that only a band as sly and elegant as jj could make. Think of city lights twinkling down a slow moving river, licking the last bite of caviar from off a small silver spoon, and you might be close. 

   || do you know where the sunrise fits our nights? || if you do, will you tell me? ||

   || it's a beautiful night | to live our beautiful life ||