Photographic Memory: Art Reviews - Oh!No!Doom! - A Walk Through the Dark

Steven Fiche: Silkscreen   The Oh!No!Doom! Gallery on 1800 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago was seemingly made for a Friday the 13th themed art show. It was little surprise then, that A Walk Through The Dark was such a smashing success. Incorporating art by Jonathan Bergeron, Stephanie Brown, Ego, Steven Fiche, Ben Lyon, Scarecrowoven and Scott Shellhamer, A Walk Through The Dark focused on the dark and the macbre.

   Stephanie Brown's trio ("i" "ii" and "iii") embodied the raw passions and stately beauty that make up the more sinister elements of life - suceeding spectacularly with "ii" where a ghostly maiden succumbs to red guache daggers in a dramatic fall. Brown's handeling between the soft, cold tones of the figure to the harsh flat finish of the guache elements is wonderful to behold, striking a strongly felt figure-ground push-and-pull.

   In Oh!No!Doom!'s back room, a tryptich of Steven Fiche's silk-screens lorded down and Ben Lyon's surreal paintings added a a touch of psychodelia to the proceedings. Informed by his many years of making zines and concert posters, Lyon's paintings are a wonderful ramshackle of all kinds of modern madnesses, incorporating collage, cartoon, and some of the most creative painting practices around. Each painting provides endless moments with hypnotizing effects.

   Artists Scott Shellhamer and Scarecrowover also have some richly fulfilling dark works up as well, perfectly demonic. Ego and Jonathan Bergeron fill out the space with some skillfully imagined paintings. Ego paints smaller affairs of characters well realized and aptly executed. Bergeron's worlds are a well connected narrative of symbols and strange situations. Each greatly enjoyable in their complexity.  Stephanie Brown: "ii"

   The Friday the 13th opening was a bash (dare I say, a Monster Mash?) with DJ Paisley Babylon spinning some righteously creepy tunes. Lowdive, part of the Chaos Brewing Club, was there (although I wasn't able to try any of there wares) and the bar was also serving 3 Floyds Zombie Dust, a personal favorite. Even if you missed the Friday the 13th festivities, there's a lot of great work to be seen at Oh!No!Doom! A Walk Through The Dark will be on display until May 10, so make sure to drop on in to their gallery and get your freak on.

Ben Lyon: "Bad Breath Mardi Gras."