Climbing Mt. Olympics: Did You See That?

Tyson Chandler dunks it home. From the Associated Press   As much as I've loved this Olympics - the dramatic gymnastics finishes, another year of hotly contested swimming matches, archery being the most watched event due to the sucess of The Hunger Games franchise - there's little fun as watching a barn-burner that nets the highest point total by a single team, that demolishes the team record for made 3-pointers in a game, that buries team records for shooting percentages, and has Carmelo Anthony set a new mark for points by an American player like the USA Men's Basketball team's 156 - 73 win over the Nigerian squad earlier today.

   Surely a game worth a paragraph long (run-on?) sentence, it's hard to even mention all of the records bested by the American squad. Most impressive in my mind, is the record for most points in a half by a team in the Olympics at 78. 78! Nigeria wasn't even able to match 78 points all game, let alone the 45 they had at the end of the first half, and not an embarassing number either. The USA squad was simply dominant for the first quarter, scoring 49 points in the first 10 minutes alone!

   While the American audiences went home happy, one person who wasn't having a good time was Coach Krzyzewski. Despite his teams success, Coach K looked like he was having about as much fun as if his team were the ones down by 83. Continually throughout the game the cameras would cut back to Coach K, head in his hands, miserable. Why? Well, in spite of the shooting clinic Team USA put up today, there was little offense to speak of. Especially once Carmelo Anthony clinchined the team's scoring record off another smooth-as-silk three, the team's offense at most consisted of a pick-and-roll which inevitably led to a quick dump off the the nearest 3-point shooter.

   These guy proved today that sometimes they don't need to be coached, that sometimes talent just takes over and there's no getting in its way. Even if the Americans had played a cleaner game, what would have Coach K said anyway? "Well crew, we're up by 30, you really need to be hitting the offensive glass harder." Only there weren't any missed shots to rebound. However the London Olympics turn out for the Men's USA Basketball Team, this game against Nigeria will be the one that people will remember. It has permanently altered the teams legacy that even Coach K will have to concede to.

   I think it's worth noting a tweet direct from @usabasketball, "In case you were wondering ... Melo's 37 points came in 14 minutes. No, that's not a typo..."