Dan Deacon: Contemporary Surrealist-Genius?



Dan Deacon: "True Thrush"

   I must admit, I nearly missed this one. My intake of music videos has declined to nearly nothing in the past few years. I still love the art form, but one can only be a conisseur of so many things. For those of you who don't know, Dan Deacon makes joyously silly dance music. His concerts are fantastic, if only for the amount of audience participation he demands from his audiences - I once was a part of a London Bridge style arm tunnel that stretched out of The Metro here in Chicago and back in again until everyone got to go through. Brilliant.

   Anywho, Mr. Deacon has a new concept here. As explained in the video, a video was made. That video was shown to another group and then they had to recreate the video as best as they might remember it. And then this video was shown to another group, so they could recreate the video they saw. And so on, and so forth. The results, are a blast. Have fun with this one guys.