The Birth of Snoop Lion: Trailer for Vice Films's "Reincarnated"

The Dog Becomes A Lion


   There are certain things in pop-culture - as well as in life - that make so much sense you never see them coming. Snopp Dogg becoming a rasta? It seems so obvious, almost to the point of hilarity, of course Snoop Dogg became a rastafari. Yet, there is something so unbelievable about its inevitability that almost makes it unlikely to happen. What might truly be unlikely about this story is the way in which it's all coming to us: produced by the ground-breaking Vice Films, makers of truly great documentaries like Inside North Korea, and will be premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 7th. This is serious movie-making, not TMZ.

   Snoop proclaims in the trailer, "I say it with no disrespect, but I'm tired of rappin'" As a quote, this will undoubtedly be analyzed to a greater extent than perhaps its simple statement requires, but Vice seems to believe that this is not a gimmick. Gimmicky the move is, but if any one could find rejuvenation in Rastafari Movement it would be Snoop, would it not? Snoop is merely growing through life as the rest of us do, although maybe with more personality.

   The one talent of Snoop's that cannot be argued is his ability to collaborate with the best people in the business. His new track, produced by Major Lazer, is yet just another example of his ability to stay with, and often ahead of, the times. Let that record play.