Equally Musical: Prince Sunarawma "Irene"

A Song For the Storm

   So, I was going to start off this post with an urging for everyone to visit French label/blog Atelier Ciseaux and grab a copy of "Irene," a collaboration between Prince Rama and Sun Araw - two of the best and surrealist bands around right now - they recorded during Hurricane Irene in August of 2011. Calling themselves the fantastic Prince Sunarawma, the story is that the bands were watching the film Joey in which a boy keeps receiving calls from his dead father on a toy telephone, and concluded, naturally, that they should call the number in the film. When it went to the answering machine, the bands let loose with this epic. Atelier Ciseuax issued the nearly 20 minute long track as a one-sided 12" limited to 300 copies.

   Well, it turns out I'm a day late and a buck short in broadcasting this out to anyone who is interested because they've sold out. Atelier Ciseaux just posted today that they're all gone. I suppose you could potentially find one for sale online if you scoured, but I imagine time is running out.

   Luckily, what I can do is post the SoundCloud file so graciously hosted by Atelier Ciseaux. It's slow building, much like a storm, until it is so strong you've been overwhelmed. The sense that the track was recorded during a hurricane feels, somehow, palpable. Prince Rama and Sun Araw blend nearly seamlessly, really complementing one another musically. It's as if both their sounds have been expanded to a very sonically rich place. Check it out for yourself.