New Music Mondays: Low, The Men, DJAO, Frenchbraid

   Welcome to a new feature here at Equally Empty, New Music Mondays. Every week we'll post some brand new tracks that have caught our ears in the past week. There will be a variety of musical styles featured, from rock to electronica and everything in between (or to the right of, or the left of, above or below, for that matter).

   There's so much going on in music these days, it can be hard to follow. And without radio or other popular media outlets keeping up with the rapid evolution of how music is being made and what people are listening to, one could feel as lost as Alice in the Rabbit-Hole. To provide a bit of guidance, every Monday we'll try and post five or so new songs that are exciting, resonate, or break new musical territory.  Simply put, the goal is to spread the reach of fantastic up-and-coming or otherwise overlooked artists. Without further adieu, here's the music!

Low is back! "Just Make It Stop" is the second single from their tenth album The Invisible Way. It will be released on March 19 via Sub Pop records. The Invisible Way is the first album of Low's produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy.


Frenchbraid has one song released to the interwebs, but it is an epic pop-anthem with contemporary sensibilities. Scope out the synth-pop roar of "Black Tears."


Internet label Friends of Friends is releasing a 7 track compilation on Jan 15 featuring this track "Time to Stop Waiting" by Alex Osuch aka DJAO of the Pacific Northwest music collective Dropping Gems. It's a downtempo number, rich and shimmering.


Probably my favorite record label of last year, Sacred Bones is releasing The Men's first single "Electric" off their upcoming record New Moon. "Electric" is being released as a 7" b/w "Water Babies." There will be a limited edition of 250 hand-numbered copies in deluxe packaging with hand screen-printed wrap-around sleeve, wax-sealed sleeve available from Sacred Bones only, so preorder that here before it's too late. The standard issue will go on sale January 22, 2013.