New Music Mondays: Acteurs, Blue Hawaii, Moonrises, & More

   Somehow, it's already Monday once again, but I feel that there's been much to report in the seven days since our last dispatch. Most excitingly, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has announced its Common Senses Sound Map. Essentially, they're taking submissions of Field Recordings from all over the world until they've made a map of the globe with their respective sounds. It's an ambitious project, raw and beautiful, that could become quite an important document. They're still accepting submissions at MoMa Studio's Soundcloud, so make sure you pay them a visit if you're a budding Field Recording Artist.

   Meanwhile, there's many exciting releases quickly approaching. Here we're highlighting the throbbing Chicago bangers Acteurs, the tropic flavored Blue Hawaii, the Psychedelic metal of Ominous Black, as well as some tempting 7" for your record platter.

   First, let's give you a sampling of recordings that MoMa has already posted to its Common Spaces website. Both are eerily beautiful and should make us all look forward to what is to come.



Now Onto the Music

   Just as the weather in Chicago begins to become frigid, one of our very own drops a track in time to light a fire under our collective asses because it's time to dance. The Acteurs first release will be the self-titled 6-track 12" Mini-Album (whew, that was a lot of hyphens!) on February 11th through Public Information. They are accepting pre-orders for the 12" now! Here's the lead off to that EP "Cloud Generating."

Acteurs - Cloud Generating from Public Information on Vimeo.


   Blue Hawaii also have a new record coming out soon, this one on March 5, called Untogether. Their label Arbutus Records have posted two singles of the new record "In Two" and "Try to Be." Blue Hawaii are great at combining their electronic/production talents with a sparse analog flourishes - beautiful in that lost on a desert island kind of way. You can pre-order the vinyl from them now, and you should!


   Chicago rock stalwart Steve Krakow of Plastic Crimewave and Galactic Zoo Dossier fame has a new song out with his fantastic psychedelic rock band Moonrises. This track "Eyelid Chambers" is pure Moonrises overdriven goodness. Hopefully, this will be on their second record Frozen Altars due to be released some time this year by Captcha Records. Until then, you can still pick up their first record on cassette through Priority Male or on a Logan Hardware LP through InSound.


   Shoegaze is alive and well over at Wool Recordings in Montpellier, France. They'll be releasing a limited edition 7" of a collaboration between Foxes In Fiction and Benoît Pioulard. The single is led with the dreamy "Ground Glass" and backed with "Etalon." Let this track tuck you away underneath a blanket of snow. Dreamy to the point of drowning.


   In case that last track put you to sleep, we'll wake you up with a wonderful album that I have somehow missed until now. Philidelphia's Ominous Black has a fantastic Psychedelic Metal album available from Anthropic Records for the ridiculously low price of $10.00! The LP can be purchased in White, Black, or Smoke Marble vinyl and is hand letter-pressed. If that's not enough, they're surely after my own heart with extensive use of sacred geometry on their album artwork. The self-titled 10" has two tracks: "Salvaging the Thelemite that Resides not Beyond" and, my favorite, "At the Face of Mount Shasta."