Poetry: "your love is the meaning."

looking for meaning in
meaningless poetry
or 140 character statements of intent.
if meaning could be distilled like spirits
into something more valuable
than the combination of electricity and matter
would it (matter)?

do our symbols have some value
beyond their inherent vessel?
that if we arrange them in some secret manner
they will become incantations
of some ancient order --- so great and powerful
history itself forgot to remember ---
except lover, sister, father, mother,
they're all just words, like any other:
meaning made to fit our patterns
which we ourselves control and inhabit
with our tears and our laughter

life begets itself - and don't you forget it -
even when we take our own broken lives as fragments
and try to rearrange them, looking for magic,
magnets of time place everything in order;
the miracle of existence asserts its physics
and we are witness,
we see, yet deny it
blind before battle.

father tries to fix his spirit
while mother mixes the batter
sister reads and dreams with merit
learning to understand why and how life matters
the words she reads excites her soul
are in the bible and coyote calls of the wild
and mild air of the Mediterranean horizon
"open sesame" says  Ali Baba in writing
 Hallelujah, Hare Krishna, I love you, the sheep and the lion,
what does it mean our guttural implying?
consonants to vowels, phrases for rhyming
the chiming of our words like bird song in the evening,
beautiful as itself, elemental and needed,
if communication is existence, your love is the meaning.

...m.e.s. .jan.23.2012...