Music for Humans: Toupee

Toupee live at The Empty Bottle on December 13, 2012

Toupee. All photographs: Michael Egon Schiele








Toupee: Chicago's Own Psychedelia

   It's funny how the holidays can eat up your time. It seems like only yesterday I was at the Empty Bottle watching local Chicago art-rockers Toupee weird it out. But, as it turns out, that was three weeks ago. Better late than never, though.

   Toupee has more in common with 1965 San Francisco psychedelia than they do with most of today's music, but they are able to bewitch the almost punk-sounding sensibilities of Jefferson Airplane into a very post-punk exhilaration.

   At times loud and churning, others whisper-delicate, Toupee crafts intelligent tunes of great variety and depth. They released a cassette onTeen River in the heart of 2012 and, from what I hear, are busy at work on a reworking of that material which they hope to see on vinyl in the future. Until then, follow the link above and stream their music on bandcamp and check out these photographs I took at their December 13, 2012 show at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL!