New Music Mondays: Err, Tuesdays - FI/SHE/S, Young Galaxy, and Trombone Shorty

Three Great New Indie Rock Tracks & Some Mardi Gras Music For Your FAT TUESDAY

   Hello one and hello all, welcome to the Fat Tuesday edition of our New Music Mondays. Yesterday, Felissia and I went to the Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee and dinner at the Odd Duck for an early Valentine's Day. It was simply marvelous seeing all of the jungle plants, the succulents, and we even pilfered exotic fruit.  Suffice it to say, there was going to be no New Music Monday, so here it is, on Mardi Gras!


Before We Get to the Brand Spanking New, RESPECT YOUR ROOTS! Dig some N' Orleans Jazz!

   In honor of Mardi Gras, jazz culture, and one of my favorite cities in the world, I'd like to bring to you a bit of music for the occasion. As customary in New Orleans, Social Clubs pick a day of the year to celebrate themselves and do a bit of fundraising. Their jazz players will assemble and lead a semi-impromptu parade throughout the streets known as a Second-Line. The name refers to the paraders themselves; the "Main-Line" are the actual performers: the brass and drums. Here's local hero Trombone Shorty joining Kermit Ruffins, and the Rebirth Brass Band with a Mardi Gras Second Line for all you partiers!



   Super excited about this new group out of Paris, France. Although their press release states that the members hail from all over the world: China, Belgium, France, Cameroon. FI/SHE/S remind me of a Parisian response to Fleet Foxes: gorgeous harmonies, less folksy charm, more swagger.


Young Galaxy: A Band You NEED to Like

   Ever since my girlfriend shared a CDr of Young Galaxy's first s/t album, I have been enamoured with this band. 2011's Shapeshifting was the most under appreciated album of that year, in my opinion. Young Galaxy's blissful electro-indie-pop songs win over the heart nearly instantaneously. I'm actually very surprised that they haven't at least been featured in a commercial or something (now that I think about it, I don't own a TV - they very well could be featured in all sorts of commercials and I would never know).
   Word on the street is that Paper Bag Records is releasing Young Galaxy's new album Ultramarine in April. I am highly anticipating this release, but as far as I know there is no proper date as of yet. The band has been nice enough to tantalize us with this new track 'Pretty Boy' that is full of that infectious island influenced techno-pop that has been going around lately, that is, an island influenced techno-pop with the steadiness of a tall Vancouver Red Cedar.