New Music Mondays: Ash Borer, Bonobo, Dead Ghosts

Ash Borer and How Heavy Metal Music Found Its Soul

   Sometime this week, Gilead Media and Psychic Violence Records will be posting preorders for the new vinyl-only Ash Borer 12" Bloodlands. The two track record is nearly 40 minutes long with both pieces stretching over the 15 minute mark. The lead off single 'Oblivion's Spring' charts a course over  slowly lapping waves remaniscent of the River Styx before disintergrating into an unreletnting metal onslaught that finally gives way to a musical boat adrift at sea.

   Ash Borer has come to prominence fairly quickly, particularly after their split 12" with Fell Voices on Gilead Media/Eternal Warfare. Both Ash Borer and Fell Voices share a sound that is growing in heavy metal music, one of soul. Similarly to Wolves in the Throne Room, Ash Borer has incorporated a longer movement oriented writing structure (as in classical compositions) with some of the new sonics that has been brought to metal music through bands like Cult of Luna, Mogwai, Boris, and Sun O))). In adapting the medium, Ash Borer and their ilk have added a much needed sophistication to their trade, making music both the metal heads can champion and is still enjoyable to those uninitiated in the ways of doom.

   I recomend keeping your eyes peeled for Gilead Media and Psychic Violence Records preorder announcement. Only 1000 copies of Bloodlands have been printed, including a very limited version only being sold on their European tour with Fell Voices. Suffice to say, I don't need to tell you that these will be all gone by the time of the April 15 release date.


Bonobo Are Back With Badu

   There have been few groups of the past ten years that so consistently impress me as Bonobo. While their landmark album Dial 'M' For Monkey may never be matched in greatness, Bonobo has been quitely evolving and perfecting their catchy down-tempo sound. This is very evident on the group's new cut 'Heaven For A Sinner' featuring the imitable Erykah Badu. The band has worked with female singers before, and with much success - most notably Bajka on the album Days To Come and Andreya Triana on Black Sands - but Bonobo's sound has never paired up so beautifully as with Erykah Badu.

   'Heaven For A Sinner' finds Bonobo restrained, but with deep playful grooves, occasionally ornamented by 8-bit blips. Badu does what she does, and delivers a soulful vocal delivery full of conviction. Listening to this track, I can already feel the sun on my skin, dropping through the slats of an el-track running through a city alley. Head over to NinjaTune to preorder one of the various editions for the new album The North Borders, which comes out April 1st. Bonobo has a reputation for making some of the nicest records in the business and I expect The North Borders to be no different. Check out their awesome  video 'Cirrus' from the record as well.


Dead Ghosts Make My Day By Proving You Can Still Make 60's Garage Rock Sound Good!

   Little known Vancouver band Dead Ghosts have their new single streaming 'Roky Said.' Off of their upcoming album Can't Get No that will be out April 30 on California's Burger Records. The song was inspired by the psychedelic rock pioneer/drug proponent/schizophrenic/13th Floor Elevators founder Roky Erickson, but is upbeat and dances despite its subject matter of "being left behind." Part of the band's appeal can be attributed to their method of recording Can't Get No. The band purchased a Tascam 388 8-track off of Craigslist and recorded their tracks at various basements and bars throughout Vancouver.