New Music Mondays: Sigur Ros, Dark Sky, Siriusmo

Sigur Ros Become a Doom Metal Band

   Okay, so I  might be exaggerating a bit here, but Icelandic Dream-gaze outfit Sigur Ros is releasing Kveikur on June 18 here in America and their new single 'Brennisteinn' is an apocalyptic juggernaut of sound. From the opening moments of 'Brennisteinn,' it's clear that Sigur Ros are exploring new directions. Never has the band sounded so aggressive or so loud. Losing the atmospherics of Kjartan "Kjarri" Sveinsson's synthesizer and keyboard work has made the band sound more like a proper band than a religious experience, but lead singer Jonsi Birgisson's angelic vocal embellishments remain.

   After a few years of successful, but stagnant music, Sigur Ros have altered their trajectory enough to reengergize their older fans while also courting new listeners with a stronger and edgier sound. Kveikur can be preordered now from the Sigur Ros website as a CD or Double LP. Here's the video for 'Brennisteinn.'


Dark Sky: Dance Music With A Dark Side

   Dance music may be one of the hardest genres to make a break through: with so much quality talent out there and countless clubs and performances it can be hard to get noticed. So when a group comes by like London's Dark Sky, dripping with personality and depth, one takes notice. Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer and Carlo Anderson make up the trio, and their varied influences and interests expand Dark Sky's sound to include popular elements of bass, dub, and jungle, but also more nuanced counter-point styles like calypso. Don't be fooled though, Dark Sky is as contemporary as a production group can be at the moment, and definitely dark. In an interview with Tectonic Records Carlo Anderson laughs, "It's quite evil. I hear that, it's definitely aggressive, not one you'd listen to at home…" Dark Sky has a new EP "Confunktion" just released on Tectonic Records. I'd highly recommend picking one up. You can also check out Dark Sky on NTS Radio every other Thursday from 10pm-12 (GMT) where you can also download previous shows.


Siriusmo Is Back With Enthusiasm

   When one debuts with Modeselktor's 50 Weapons label, the world tends to take note. Since then, Berlin based electronic artist Siriusmo (Moritz Friedrich) has worked primarily with Monkeytown Records and they will be releasing his new album Enthusiast on June 14. Modeselktor has released a 3 minute clip of 'Itchy' off the new record onto their soundcloud where it is receiving massive rotation. In typical Siriusmo mystery, the press-release for Enthusiast states:

"After eighteen years, elaborate and outrageously expensive recording with a full-size Czech symphony orchestra, Siriusmo decided to reject it and to retire with enthusiasm.This was followed by moments of euphoria, overconfidence, and many shed tears."

Is Siriusmo retiring? Did he come back out of retiring? And where is this full-size Czech symphony?" Somehow I doubt you'll find any answers in Enthusiast, but you'd be amiss and a fool to not get yourself a copy. Preorder from Monkeytown Records on green wax.