Equally Full: Sausage Fest

Sausage Fest Flyer drawn by: William Test   I'd like to invite everyone to Sausage Fest, a fundraising evet that an upstart brewery I work with Revenge! Brewing is hosting on June 9th beginning at 5pm. As you can see by the flyer, we'll be having plenty of bands, DJs, artisan beer & food, storytelling, and any other kind of fun you might imagine. Simply put, you must be there! 2042 W 21st St

Check out our info at or on the facebook.

Here's "Dwellars In the Mirage" from Moonrises, appearing at Sausage Fest.

And check out William Test's artwork because you love this flyer so much.

Photographs: Chiditarod 2012

Chiditarod. 'What is it?' you say. Well, it's an epic food drive, but also a monumental bar crawl. Part huskie dog sled race, part grocery cart costuming competition. In short, it's awesome.

This year the race raised 25,000 lbs of food for The Chicago Greater Food Depository and tens of thousands of dollars. I dare say, all who participated had a good time. Cheers.

Check out the slides below or head over to the gallery and see the images in all of their uncropped glory!

Photographs: At the Red Party

Had the pleasure of bartending with my brewery REVENGE! Brewing at The Red Party on Feb 11. Even though I was busy slinging the homebrew, I still found time to take some wonderful photographs. Of course, it doesn't get much more enjoyable when you get subjects as enchanting as these two. And both professional models to boot! Somebody pinch me!

And if that wasn't enough, check out the slide show down below or link to the gallery!


Underground Art Market - Dec 11!











    I want to cordially invite y'all to our Underground Art Market at TransAmoeba Studios on Dec 11! As well as many talented artists and entrepreneurs, my good friend and co-op Edible Alchemy, I'll have a table there where I'll be selling Christmas cards, original artwork, and photographs. It will be the ultimate underground art bonanza, and just in time for the holidays.

   You can check out some of my Dada pieces - which I'll be selling - here. I'll also be featuring many of the photographs that have appeared on this website. Check out the link for the facebook page and all other pertinent information. The event starts at 2:00 and will go to 10:00. Expect there to be some good snacks, wonderful music, and an overabundance of inspired art by wonderful people. Come check us out!