Equally Empty Expeditions presents: Kindling - A Survey of the American West

   Welcome Equally Empty readers! Today we have exciting news. I'd like to announce the founding of Equally Empty Expeditions an arm of Equally Empty centered around travel.

   Our first project is Kindling - A Survey of the American West. Using Kickstarter as our platform, we are offering special artistic dispatches from Equally Empty's travels through the American West, including Seattle, National Parks in North Dakota, the Black Rock Desert for Fourth of Juplaya, San Francisco, Portland, Cambria, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, and much more. Equally Empty is offering Polaroids, photographs, collages, pressed flower and leaf specimens, poetry and more to our supporters. The project will culminate in a book chronicling our experiences, photographs, and art we've made for the project.

Equally Empty Expeditions Patch   We are offering art pieces at every level funding, including fun options like being texted a haiku, an equally empty patch, hand-made postcards, Polaroids, and more. All of your options and a more extensive description can be found at the Kickstarter page here: Share it with your friends and your networks beacuse the more people we can incorporate into this project, the more successful it will be!

   Using expeditions groups from the past as our inspiration - Lewis and Clark and Clarence King come to mind - we hope to explore America's West with new eyes, seeing the landscape and people as undiscovered wonders. We hope to incorporate an open mind and sense of discovery to the art works produced in conjunction with this project. The Kickstarter ends June 25, leaving us only 9 days to go! So don't delay and join Equally Empty Expeditions before it's too late!

Photograph: St. Roch's Cemetery

St. Roch's Cemetery: New Orleans, LA; 2012.   This image is a preview of things to come. Right now we are hard at work here at equallyempty, bringing you a small photographic essay on St. Roch's cemetery in New Orleans, LA.

   Known for its 'cemetery culture,' NOLA is full of old cemeteries with above ground mausoleums and tombs for the city's deceased. With portions of the city lying well under the water table, above ground burials is a necessary fact of life.

   New Orleans has some of the prettiest cemeteries this side of the Atlantic, so visiting one or two is a must for anyone visiting the Crescent City. While St. Louis cemeteries #1 and #2 are the most famous, we decided to go off the beaten path, exploring St. Roch's cemetery in Faughburg St. Roch, so downriver from the Margny that the neighborhood was historically referred to as Faughburg Margny Nouveau.

   St. Roch was the patron saint of miraculous cures and there's a room devoted to his, well, devotion. The cemetery itself is beautifully white-washed and there wasn't another soul around the whole time we were there. Hopefully, in about a month we'll have a small portfolio of images available to purchase of this wonderful place.