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Equally Photographic: A Weekend of Shows

Altar of Plagues | Performing at Ultralounge | Chicago, IL | 2012

   I was lucky enough to see a few great acts perform over the weekend, which was already a busy one. On Friday night Altar of Plagues opened up for Chicago hometown heros The Atlas Moth at the Ultralounge. A tiny little club just north of The Congress Theater on Milwaukee, it provided the perfect atmosphere for a doom metal show. It was a wonderful night, one that Altar of Plagues came off as nothing short of devastating.


DJ LA*JESUS | Performing at Cobra Lounge | Chicago, IL | 2012

   The next evening we went out and were graced with DJ LA*JESUS and one-of-a-kind Dan Deacon. It was only a DJ show for Dan, goofing off with classic hip-hop, and off-putting rants against the establishment. That's right, fuck the man! DJ LA*JESUS was an silly-fun set, and much ass-shaking was enjoyed by all.


Dan Deacon | DJ Set at the Cobra Lounge | Chicago, IL | 2012