Dada A Day: "Obama's Night"

"Obama's Night" detail   In honor of election day, Dada A Day is back! For those of you whom might not know already, the Dada A Day project actually begun just following Obama's inaguration. I guess I somehow feel a strange connection between this project and his presidency. Regardless, we're hopeful for the next four years.
   We've got a nice piece here, done on black matte board involving collaged pieces the New York Times (this one celebrating President Barack Obama's reelection from November 7, 2012), various spray-paints, marker, and glitter-glue. It measures 10 3/4" x 9".
   Join Obama take in his victory, casually tossing the red and blue states off as a crumpled ball. We'll find Barack's 'Place in History' in the years to come, and we'll leave the trumpeting to those deciding it. This piece is about as close to 'rah-rah-shish-boom-bah' America I can get. Please inquire through e-mail if you'd wish to purchase this piece: