critical mass: schwinn le tour



   I think it's fine time I introduced a series of photographs I've been calling 'Critical Mass.' Taking its name from the flash-mob styled Critical Mass bike rides staged at the end of each month - you may have seen one, a parade of gangly bikers blocking traffic for up to twenty minutes, yup, that's us! - this series concentrates on bicycles. Bicycles as a thing, as an object - for its form - as a metaphor all of these things are what fascinates me about cycling.

   All of the circles: the wheels, cogs, gears, mixed with the triangles of the frame make bicycles an artistic wonder. Ever since a visit abroad to Fierenze, Italia I've been documenting the bicycles I've met along the way, starting with a tender victim of a hit-and-run accident. Bent wheel, broken basket, it was truly tragic.

   This Schwinn Le Tour was spotted on Damen Ave, south of Chicago near where the AV-eerie used to be. Doesn't look abandonded, but because of all the Queen Anne's Lace (?) it looks like it's been there for a very long time. Funny blue color for a girl's bike too!

    More pics after the leap!

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