"deflated" - Bears lose Cutler

   Well, it became official today. Jay Cutler is out for at least the regular season as quarterback of the Chicago Bears. As a Bears fan, I can't imagine any other way to feel.

   Caleb Heinne is now our astute back-up quarterback whom, I imagine, will remain in that roll as Da Bears announced today that they have picked up recently waivered Denver Bronco Kyle Orton. Yes, that Kyle Orton who used to do this job for us once upon a time. I'm fine with this, afterall, he was essentially the guy who led the team in the Grossman days. 

   Anyway, Go Bears! Anything can happen in these strange games many of us are so fascinated by. Strange things tend to happen when the down-and-out somebody has to face the mighty and invincible (think Bears/Packers), well, you get the idea.