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   I am very happy to announce that submissions will be accepted to Book of Dreams: An Anthology of Dreams As Fiction. That's right! We are working on compiling a book of dreams as short-stories to be published in early 2014. The anthology will deal with dreams on a narrative level, to be read and enjoyed like literature. Instead of dissecting and analyzing, like current studies of dreams, we are interested in the creative fiction our minds are able to produce every evening.

   Because there is no foundation of study for dreams as fiction, we are turning to you. We would like you to submit an interesting or favorite dream to us for consideration in the Dreams As Fiction anthology. We're accepting entries at the e-mail address dreams@equallyempty.com. Leave the name you'd like to be referred as and any pertinent contextual information, if it is necessary. There are no size requirements for this process: entries may be as long or as short as needed. We understand dreams can be fleeting in nature and welcome your experimental approaches to capturing them.


Why You Should Contribute

   Since Freud and his cohorts have trapped dreams to the realm of analyzation, it's time to take them back for the people. Back in Freud's day others had ideas about the value of dreams. Beginning in the years following World War I, eminent Surrealist Andre Breton joined Louis Aragon and Philippe Soupault of the Dada movement, publishing Littérature which included transcripts of dreams along with their other automatic writing experiments. As Dada would emerge into Surrealism, pivotal artists such as Salvador Dali used dreams as an important catalyst to their work."Dreams of Venus" by: Salvador Dali

   We look to continue in this line of thinking, proudly placing dreams in the pantheon of art, as a kind of co-creator. Just because most art is created in the conscious realm of the brain does not mean it is only found there, the unconscious is a new and unexplored terrain for art making. So let's open this ground for expansion. Join us to create an artistic base for the literature of the unconscious! Send us a dream to dreams@equallyempty.com!


What Happens If I Get Chosen?

   For the artists selected, we'll be taking care of editing the copy for publishing - i.e. correcting grammatical mistakes, spelling, and on occasion, clarity. Because space is limited, we will not be able to use everyone's story, but if we do decide to use your story we will be in direct contact with you. We want to preserve the artist's vision, maintaining formatting as much as possible. By May we hope to have enough stories to begin designing the book and hope to have books published by late 2013 or early 2014. By submitting to Dreams As Fiction, we will give periodic updates on our progress, so you can expect more accurate dates as the process moves along.

   If you have any questions regarding Dreams As Fiction don't hesitate to send an e-mail. We'd be happy to address any concern or query. And, of course, if you'd like to make a submission, send them here: dreams@equallyempty.com!