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Pictures and Poetry: The Bio-Domes


the sea and the sun

and the wind which shapes this world

cannot change your soul

God cannot tell you

who you are or what to do

flowers breathe and bloom

we are strong as rocks

no matter the size, each stone

is part of a whole


   I'd like to present to you some new work which I've been working on. Expect to see large prints of these pictures and other images dealing with the cohabitation of man and earth in the coming weeks, as well as show announcements for the Spring and Summer. The three photographs I've highlighted here were all taken in Milwaukee this February at the Mitchell Park Conservatory Bio-Domes. The domes are always an other-worldly experience - stark geometry contrasted by exotic natural beauty. This was made plain for us immediately upon entering. In flaming scarlet, a male Cardinal danced desperately with a female, the two separated by the glass and steel of the domes, doomed, yet determined, the sound of wings batting fruitlessly against the barrier sounding a subtle echo through the hum of the ventilation system.

Equally Empty Expeditions presents: Kindling - A Survey of the American West

   Welcome Equally Empty readers! Today we have exciting news. I'd like to announce the founding of Equally Empty Expeditions an arm of Equally Empty centered around travel.

   Our first project is Kindling - A Survey of the American West. Using Kickstarter as our platform, we are offering special artistic dispatches from Equally Empty's travels through the American West, including Seattle, National Parks in North Dakota, the Black Rock Desert for Fourth of Juplaya, San Francisco, Portland, Cambria, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, and much more. Equally Empty is offering Polaroids, photographs, collages, pressed flower and leaf specimens, poetry and more to our supporters. The project will culminate in a book chronicling our experiences, photographs, and art we've made for the project.

Equally Empty Expeditions Patch   We are offering art pieces at every level funding, including fun options like being texted a haiku, an equally empty patch, hand-made postcards, Polaroids, and more. All of your options and a more extensive description can be found at the Kickstarter page here: http://kck.st/Moyeq9. Share it with your friends and your networks beacuse the more people we can incorporate into this project, the more successful it will be!

   Using expeditions groups from the past as our inspiration - Lewis and Clark and Clarence King come to mind - we hope to explore America's West with new eyes, seeing the landscape and people as undiscovered wonders. We hope to incorporate an open mind and sense of discovery to the art works produced in conjunction with this project. The Kickstarter ends June 25, leaving us only 9 days to go! So don't delay and join Equally Empty Expeditions before it's too late!

Music: jj - "Beautiful Life"

jj | "beautiful life 7" | secretly canadian & sincerely yours | 2012   You've got to love when you find great new music in your inbox. Such was the case when I got a nice little e-mail from the Sweedish label Sincerely Yours.

   Probably my favorite group from one of my favorite labels, jj is out with a new release. Continuing the obvious trend, their fourth release will be titled jj nº4 and be available for purchase as a 7" on May 8th from Sincerely Yours or, if you prefer the bigger boys, Secretly Canadian for the reasonable price of 6 €. "Beautiful Life" will be the single and it will be backed with "Burn."

   Do yourself a favor and check out the lovely sound of the artic tropics that only a band as sly and elegant as jj could make. Think of city lights twinkling down a slow moving river, licking the last bite of caviar from off a small silver spoon, and you might be close. 

   || do you know where the sunrise fits our nights? || if you do, will you tell me? ||

   || it's a beautiful night | to live our beautiful life ||

Photographs: Alcest live at Reggie's Rock Club April 6, 2012.


Neige of Alcest; Chicago, 2012.

   Smoke typically rises from sewer grates on the wrong side of town, but in the case of the Alcest show Friday night at Reggie's Rock Club, it was exactly where you wanted to be. The smoke rising out of the sewer grate in the middle of Reggie's stage filled the club in a fitting haze for the French shoe gaze/Black Metal band Alcest - although I would argue they fit into none of those categories.

   Alcest is a band conjuring the "Fairy Land" from founding member Neige's (Stéphane Paut) childhood. So, the smoke and the hushed silence filling the rests lent the perfect air to the evenings performance. Alcest's music is very European in the sense that this would be exactly the music the Celtic Gauls might have written had they metal in those dark ages. This "otherworldness" imbued the night with a wiff of magic or the occult.

   Sticking predominately with their new album Les Voyages de l'Âme (in English: The Journeys of the Soul), Alcest played a concise set - Neige honest about the language barrier, but transcendent musically. The band mixed heavenly vocals with demonic wail and a child's coo with the lion's roar. Like a fairy-tale character, the band claimed their visions as did Peter and his wolves.

Pick up Alcest's record Les voyages de l'âme here.


Neige of Alcest; Chicago, 2012.Alcest performing at Reggie's Rock Club; Chicago, 2012.

Neige and Zero of Alcest; Chicago, 2012.