mo kolours

New Music Mondays: Mo Kolours, Dauwd, James Blake w/Eno, Saux

It's Celebration Time, Let's DANCE with Mo Kolours!

   That's right everyone! It's a very special edition of New Music Mondays because today is my birthday! In honor of celebrations and parties everywhere, I'm going to be highlighting some of my favorite music that has come out very recently that you can dance to, or that will at least get your old noggin bobbing. So turn up the bass and check out these tunes.

   Mo Kolours has been releasing music now for a few years, and each of his releases seem to sell out absolutely immediately. Such is the case for his newest EP, the third in his one handed music series, called aptly EP3: Tusk Dance. The EP is already sold out on their bandcamp and is probably already gone from stores. Check out some really groundbreaking work from a fantastic percussianist / singer Mo Kolurs. And if you haven't already, go to his bandcamp and check out the first EP from the one handed music series Drum Talking.


Dauwd Does Damn Good

   I don't how I've missed this, but Dauwd has a new record coming out today called Heat Division on Ghostly International. The British beatsmith has made an incredibly atmospheric techno record, bustling with drowned synth lines and oh-so perfect embellishments of sound and clatter. The opening track 'Heat Division' is about as good as it gets.


There Is Absolutely No Way We Could Not Include a James Black / Eno Collaboration

   That's right, the much wondered about James Black and Eno collaboration has been released to the world, and boy is it something. About as dark at stark as one might expect, it outdelivers all other expectations. This track is smartly crafted with purposeful changes in movement. You must listen to this song!


So Saux-y

   I don't know what it is about Italy, but I feel like it's inspiring a few really tremendous pieces recently and a lot of tremendous producers. Saux isn't from Italy, but he's Dutch and that does just fine with music like this. The EP Bring Me Home is experimental and cool. There's lots of room for the weird, and lots of room for catchy hooks. Saux me up baby!