new poetry

poetry: "let's eat and get fatter"

toiling away on a cash register
to make money to make a miracle
where my pennies saved might be valuable
enough for my life to be more enjoyable
not that money will make life more tenable
we have all learned the parable:
wealth is the root of all evil
but it might afford me the time for meter
or the resources to complete my lieder
if only i could be a believer
the way you believe in God after meeting the reaper
but instead my soul gets weaker
the hole i'm digging: deeper
my worth ever cheaper
i don't trust me either
unless the goal is to falter;
i let down my favorite people
i curse man then cry in his steeple
but will try and help, no matter how feeble
to fix any tear all you need is thread and a needle
the hope is in sight; don't give up for so little
we all knew it would be hard to fight this battle
we all know it's not easy when you don't blend in with the cattle
we also all know what matters:
we've seen it in all kinds of patterns
each day, another wrung in the ladder
each step up closer to heaven
each step down closer to disaster/
my head on a platter
let's eat and get fatter

...m.e.s. .feb.16.2014...

Poetry: "the front door"

the song of wind chimes
color the background,
conversations detail the fore
while December winds
whisper their chills, settling down on the floor

then the stillness returns
only for a moment, before
phonecalls and laughter
resume their chorus
i add my lines:
what is this weight that troubles me?
why is life such a bore?
trees claw at the breeze
that is opening and slamming
the front door

m.e.s. .dec.21.2012...